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La Isla Specialty Drinks

A caribbean classic, light, minty and refreshing

Flavored Mojito...$7.50
peach, mango, coconut, passion fruit, pineapple or watermelon

Caribbean Crush...$8.50
Dark, coconut and 151 rum, a splash of kahlua and fruit juices bring a real kick to this house favorite

Piña Colada...$8.00
Coconut and pineapple mix to make this creamy blend, memories of sandy beaches included in the price

Josefina Margarita...$8.00
a splash of white rum and orange juice in a margarita

La Isla Sunset...$7.50
Gosling rum and a fruity blend carry the hue and flavor of the perfect caribbean sunset

Our very own blend of wine, fruit slices and juices, spiced up with a kick of house rum

Blended (topped with whipped cream) - lime - mango - strawberry - coconut - passion fruit
Shaken (served up with a sugar rim) - lime - mango - strawberry - coconut - passion fruit

Cuba Libre...$6.00
rum & coke with a fresh lime squeeze

Mai Tai...$8.00
light, dark and gold rums; orange and pineapple juice with a splash of grenadine

Don Q Passion...$8.00
white rum and strawberry liqueur

Surfing Rincon...$8.00
white and coconut rum with banana liqueur and pineapple juice

Rum Runner...$8.00
dark rum, blackberry brandy, pineapple and grenadine

Don Q Stormy...$8.00
don q gold rum, muddled ginger, bitters and soda alternately: "DARK & STORMY", with goslings black seal

plenty of Don Q 151 and Cruzan coconut rum get you ready for lift off! Finished with pineapple juice and a cherry garnish

El Pirata Taino...$9.00
captain morgan´s spiced rum, cacique, bacardi 151 and passion fruit

After Dinner Drinks

Chocolate Rumball...$10
Kraken Rum, Godiva Chocolate, Frangelico and Cream Topped with shaved chocolate

Clement VSOP, Sweet Vermouth, and Orange Bitters with an Orange Twist

Clement XO, Sweet Vermouth, and Orange Bitters with an Orange Twist

Puerto rico's holiday drink is available year round! The island-style spiked egg nog! Delicious!

Anise & Don Q Silver-a Puerto Rican tradition!

La Isla Coffee...$8.5
Calypso spiced rum, Tia Maria, Bacardi 151, cinnamon, nutmeg and whipped cream

Port Selections
Graham's 10 year Tawny $9
Sandeman Ruby $9